.NET/ Sharepoint Development

Microsoft .NET is a software development framework developed by Microsoft that allows cross-language development along with providing a large standard library. .Net helps to meet several needs of interoperability, common runtime engine, language independence, base class library, simplified deployment, and security. The most important component that differentiates .NET from its competitors is a common language infrastructure that provides a language agnostic platform of application development.

Real Act Technology is a leading offshore software development company in India offering custom enterprise applications development and ASP.Net Consulting based on the .NET framework. Our .NET capability is a major step forward that encompasses many of the object oriented design disciplines. We have established a special development center for .NET application development that promotes the best practices with the new framework.

As a result of incorporating .NET framework in our service offering our developers can afford to spend more time focusing on our client's business needs. We have a state of art offshore .NET Application development center in India where a team of experienced Microsoft certified developers delivers comprehensive solutions that utilize the full functionalities of .NET framework.

Our .NET competencies ensure solutions combining specialties of ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, and SQL Server

Share your World with Share Point Solution from Real Act Technology

Synonymous to collaboration in contemporary web terminology, SharePoint from the house of Microsoft is a versatile cutting-edge technology intended to leverage team productivity across business processes by staying connected and sharing resources.

The services of Real Act Technology's Sharepoint consultants can empower your business for much higher performance and scalability, as and when the need arises.

Our comprehensive Sharepoint solutions encompasses following salient features :

1. Tip-to-toe administration of infrastructure and hardware for migration or upgrading of Sharepoint customization

2.Round-the-clock remote support to your queries

3.Planning & designing your portal based on taxonomy for a more lucid and world-class end-product

4.Revamping present UI design to conform to existing branding and/ or absolute re-branding campaign utilizing our inclusive branding services

5.Custom component developments for seamless implementation in existing SharePoint environment

6.Training your people to understand the basic and advanced nature of Sharepoint development technology and its relevance to your case

7.SharePoint Project Management to help you implement SharePoint environment

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