Keyword Rserach and Analysis

If we are talking about search engine optimization then we have to know that keywords plays an important role in search engine optimization because keywords are the words which surfers use for searching in Google or any other search engine or in other words Keywords and key phrases are those words that your potential visitors are typing into Google, Yahoo, MSN and the other search engines to find what they are looking for online.

Real Act technology has expertise team of keyword specialist who Identify exactly "What" key phrases people are using every day to find the kind of products and services that you are offering.

Why Keywords Research and analysis are Necessary

In terms of SERP (search engine result page) keywords are most important factor when any one search for any keyword in search engine than search engine crawl word wide web and gives result according to that keyword and content. But think if you optimize your website for wrong keyword then you don’t have any business from your website.

Keyword Selection

Right keyword selection for your business is very important part of website optimization, If you are doing business of kitchen appliance and you use keyword such as office products than think what happen due to this wrong keyword even if you getting traffic from this keywords. User come to your site but for the keyword website optimization, but he cant found website optimization services in your site because you are doing website designing. So this type of visits are not giving business to your company.

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